Saturday, November 24, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20181124)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- Add support to libstagefright for AV1 FourCCs (df59d06fd)
- Issue #638 - Part 1: Provide a visual indicator for muting/unmuting tabs (becd71a86)
- Issue #638 - Part 2: Add tooltip to mute/unmute buttons (ae48428aa)
- Issue #638 - Part 3: Add a keyboard shortcut for toggling the tab mute state (15afe6807)
- Issue #638 - Part 4: Add tab sound icon to tab drop-down list (719234847)
- Issue #638 - Part 5: Add mute/unmute option to tab context menu (eff89e1c9)
- Issue #638 - Part 6: Fix up remaining references - Refactor _tabAttrModified to accept two parameters - Modify consumers of _tabAttrModified to pass details - Add missing _soundPlayingAttrRemovalTimer field - Add missing checks for mute/unmute around the tab browser - Tab sound icon should inherit 'selected' attribute instead of 'visuallyselected' (d56c1ceac)
- [PALEMOON] Align the places component with the updated PlacesUtils API (b32323fae)
- Issue #638 - Part 7: Remove hover and active states for sound indicator (66cc7d91a)
- Issue #638 - Part 8: Add overlay sound icon for pinned tabs - This also moves some styles to tabbrowser.css (a6b250b47)
- Issue #638 - Part 9: Add sound icon to all tabs menu (fe4c12e2d)
- Issue #638 - Part 10: Rename all tabs sound icon to be consistent with others - alltabs => allTabs (deb4791e2)
- Follow-up: Add missing getTabFromAudioEvent method (61b21c808)
- Fix undefined isSameDocument (a681891e6)
- Hide mute menu item and disable mute hotkey with existing pref (af0164310)
- Add support to libstagefright for AV1 FourCCs (part 2) (4d8b7a376)
- Add AV1 support to MP4Decoder. (56c26d867)
- Replace toolbar PNG bitmaps with SVG vectors. (a5bdec9a6)
- Cleanup some comments in our media code. (011ec4885)
- Merge pull request #877 from trav90/code-cleanup (181e75728)
- Merge pull request #876 from trav90/add-av1-support (f4908ce99)
- Merge pull request #873 from JustOff/PR_bm_folders_copy_paste (be53c078d)
- Strip Inkscape data from toolbar SVGs and remove obsolete PNGs. (4fd138594)
- Merge pull request #874 from FranklinDM/sound_indicator-work (025b91375)
- Belated new cycle version bump (9ce2c56e1)
- Merge branch 'master' of (a6b9afbee)
- Add a nullcheck on pipelined HTTP connections' pushback. (2c0a30185)
- Update package.json (6a9c2be4e)
- Port WebP decoder changes. (238b430ec)
- Bug 1462355 - Part 1a. Make imgFrame animation parameters threadsafe. (807acf738)
- Bug 1462355 - Part 1b. Update Decoder and SurfacePipe plumbing to use updated imgFrame methods. (622098073)
- Bug 1462355 - Part 1c. Make individual image decoders to use updated Decoder/SurfacePipe methods. (3417e581c)
- Fix pasta error (b9003c9c5)
- Unrefactor mRawVeggies back to mVBuffMeat ;P (5b821064f)
- Split out FrameTimeout into its own header file for re-use. (a51993521)
- Fix blank pixel color for truncated GIFs (25f4c75d6)
- Merge branch 'webp-update' (a3da92549)
- Fix debug assertion. (b37e8f87c)


  1. I have a problem with my browser voice during watching a match streams with polish comment. For example: when i chose a match stream with polish voice on Saturday i had a voice like Dark Vader (always the same, different streams). In english problem doesn't exist. Please check it/rapair.

    1. check if you have chose "Firefox compatibility" in options

    2. I had Native. I changed on "Firefox compatibility". I will check it tomorrow evening.

  2. Greetings. Are we to expect a new Firefox Nightly 45 release? It has been and is one of your grand contributions. Thank you.

    1. There will be one. But please keep in mind 45ESR relies on TenFourFox's changes, if they have no code changes then my new 45ESR build will be unlikely to produce.

  3. trend-micro detect my newmoon like a malicious software???

    1. False positive. If it is detected by so-called "heuristic engine" then please disable it, since most of heuristic engines are snake oil which doesn't do any real detection but creating false positives. If you can't disable heuristic engine then you have to excluding folders that you don't want it to scan.