Saturday, November 10, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20181110)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- [PALEMOON] Focus and select the first non-collapsed text element in the bookmark properties dialog (e9a58eae5)
- Merge pull request #862 from JustOff/PR_editBookmarkOverlay_focus (0750ec552)
- Clear STDINT_H defines in libvpx config before setting them for lib use. (7eae711fa)
- Make opportunistic encryption configurable. (4a188c7b9)
- Change captive portal detection URL to our own. (359c9e546)
- Swap default platform state for opportunistic encryption. (801382dd6)
- Add GUI control to Pale Moon for opportunistic encryption. (bb3f5cef3)
- Backout opportunistic encryption changes. (79487a1a0)
- #863 Part 1: Make sending of http upgrade-insecure-requests optional (512f78874)
- #863 part 2: Make opportunistic encryption opt-in for UXP (d29d1cc84)
- #863 Part 3: Add Pale Moon GUI options for Opportunistic Encryption. (a0a37ffd4)
- Back out problematic patch causing issue #865. (3c5a34c90)
- Update reported Firefox version in compatmode. (5c83a18cd)
- Remove AccumulateCipherSuite() (d5a1b34c0)
- Move MOZ_GAMEPAD* and NECKO_WIFI up (13ee68cbc)
- Revert "Move MOZ_GAMEPAD* and NECKO_WIFI up" (b84d9c12e)
- Improve handling of MOZ_GAMEPAD and NECKO_WIFI (ec5be3b4f)
- Enable gamepad support by default in Basilisk. (f9e1e4639)


  1. Thanks very much. Do not plan to offer an SSE version based on PM28? It is too hard to build one with that particular version or you will wait until its useful life ends (since I see that you offer PM27 in SSE).

    1. It is not my decision, but Gecko > 48 generates SSE2 instructions in its javascript engine. Even if I build a arch:IA32 build, it will crash upon showing main window as javascript engine generates SSE2 instructions and use it for faster javascript execution.

  2. So with more reason I thank you for continuing to keep PM27SSE up to date. My old Duron stays alive thanks to you.