Tuesday, July 29, 2014

16Edit custom edition

I made some minor changes to 16Edit 1.04 by Slangmgh, which is based on yoda's 16Edit module.
- HexEditWnd: add INI entries for Font name, height, quality
- DialogProc: fix Pressing Esc not closing Search/Replace Dialog
- rsrc: fix Replace dialog caption, fix Combo Box styles

Source(VC6)+binary: 16Edit.7z

xdelta win32 binaries

I just found that there is still some use of old xdelta-1.x, but there is no latest 1.x branch win32 binary on the web!
So I built one with gcc-4.8.1, glib-1.2.10:

And official xdelta3 win32 binary is XP or later required, so I rebuilt liblzma and xdelta-3.0.8 with MSVC 2005:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Universal IPS Patcher

In 2003, Steve Nickolas wrote an IPS Patcher in C and compiled AmigaOS binary.
I made some changes so it makes patches goes to new file but not writing to original file.

Source+binary(Win32 TCC compiled):

Change log:
[140722] Fixed "0x454F46 (EOF) offset bug"
[140722] Added IPS Maker (ported from IPSexe)
[140722] New IPS Patcher and Maker for beyond 16MB records (named "IPS2", same method as IPS, but incompatible with original IPS because of IPS specification limits)
 Modification details:
 - Changed Header to '_PATCH' (6 bytes) to avoid misdetection by other IPS patchers
 - Changed Offset to 4 Bytes (same encoding as IPS, but keeping Most Significant Byte which original IPS format drops)
 - Changed EOF mark to '_EOF' (4 bytes) to fit Offset size change