Saturday, April 30, 2011

GreenPad for NT 3.x

Make GreenPad open and save dialog works in NT 3.x. (Still works in newer version of Windows)
GreenPad Changes:
  • Open/Save dialog, Document Type Menu, MRU Menu fix for NT 3.51
  • UTF-1, UTF-9(1997) support
  • enhanced Multiple Language detection
  • Code page list addition and arrangement
  • Unicode version(provided binary) works in Windows 95/98/Me if system has Microsoft Layer for Unicode installed.
  • [100511] add "cs=" .lay font charset value entry support
  • [100511] Use "System" font for NT 3.51's Open/Save dialog.
  • [100514] fix UTF-7/8 support in NT 3.51
  • [100515] NT3.1 and NT 3.5 version merged into GreenPad NT 3.51 repository. Binary for Win32s, NT 3.1, NT 3.5 are included in package.
  • [100516] Add chardet.dll charset detector support. Place chardet.dll to same place as GreenPad executable to use.
    chardet.dll is available in separated packages as license is different(GreenPad is licensed in NYSL Version 0.9982, but chardet.dll is tri-licensed in MPL/GPL/LGPL)
  • [100517] Add UTF-1/UTF-9(1997) BOM support.
  • [100517] Use chardet when size > 80 bytes on NT4/Win95 or newer.
  • [100517] Move EUC/UTF-8 check to last, pervert EUC check on non Japanese Edition Windows which leads to misdetection.
  • [100517] textfile: keep U+FEFF in Unicode content, remove BOM only.
  • [100517] Add legacy Chinese Traditional charset support (c_20001.nls - c_20005.nls are in install disc, need manual installing them)
  • [100517] Add preliminary support of detect BOM-less UTF-16/32 (BE/LE) files. (ideas taken from Footy2)
  • [100517] chardetAutoDetection: add EUC-TW/CNS detection
  • [100520] Fix writing surrogate pairs in UTF-1/UTF-9, fix not converting non-BMP code prints to surrogate pair when reading UTF-1/UTF-9
  • [100520] Add SCSU/BOCU-1 support
  • [100523] Fix crash when Quit with Global IME installed
  • [100605] check for valid code page instead of checking OS version for UTF-7/8
  • [100607] fix new file with UNKN encoding when NewfileCharset don't exist in OS
  • [100608] fix Config dialog in NT 3.5, fine tune control positions, change full-width katakana to half-width katakana to save space for NT 3.x which doesn't have MS PGothic.
  • [100706] add "Save and Exit" menu
  • [100711] add "Discard and Exit" menu
  • [100712] Add preliminary support of print function.
    known issues: Copies are not working in XP, no Page Setup(header/footer/margin/etc.) support (yet?)
    untested on Windows other than XP. only tested with PrimoPDF and XPS Writer virtual printers.
  • [100714] Print: break long lines that cross pages.
  • [100714] Menu: Add "Reconversion" and "IME On/Off" menu.
  • [110228] Add GB18030 codepage support.
  • [110409] Fixed BOCU-1 reader out-of-bound crash when reading invalid BOCU-1 stream
  • [110420] Fixed > 65535 lines scrolling on NT 3.51 version (It cannot be fixed on NT 3.5/3.1/Win32s version because GetScrollInfo API is not available)
  • [110429] Fixed chardet UTF-8 detection
chardet Changes:
  • [100517] Update chardet to Mozilla-1.9.2 branch (enabling Thai detection)
Download binary: (last updated: 2011-04-20) (VC2 statically compiled, last updated: 2010-05-17)

GreenPad for NT 3.51 and newer version of windows.
GreenPad for NT 3.5 and newer version of windows. You may need a dummy IMM32.DLL when running in NT 3.5.
GreenPad for Win32s (for test purpose only).
GreenPad for NT 3.1.
Download source (obsoleted):

GreenPad git repository:
chardet git repository:

Tips & Tricks:
  • If you want to have a common section instead of separated setting per user, you can remove other users' INI sections, and then add a section called "[SharedConfig]"(with bracket but not quote), and then add "Enable=1"(without quote) line and save.

Monday, April 11, 2011

png optimize suite(Win32) (Ver 2011-04-11)

Download pngopt-110411.7z

Changes since Ver 2009-05-29:
+ Add xargs.exe for parallel processing
+ Add pngoptall_nproc.bat and pngoptone.bat for parallel processing
! pngoptall.bat uses programs that sit with it
^ update optipng to 0.6.5-icc-sse

pngoptall.bat [/r] : Original (Single process) version for all PNG in current directory (and subdirectories)
pngoptall_nproc.bat [/r] [/b] : Parallel version for all PNG in current directory (and subdirectories)
pngoptone.bat [/b] {file} : for One file. Will be called by pngoptall_nproc.bat

Switches: (must be in order, reversed order is not allowed)
/r: Recursive to further directories
/b: Start processes in "Below-Normal" priority

UnxUtils xargs (mod) binary/source (GPLv2)
My Enhanced UnxUtils xargs

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Enhanced UnxUtils xargs

Binary: xargs.7z
Source: UnxUtilsSrc-findutils.7z
Source repository:

  • Added "-w" (--whole-line) switch (like "-d '\n'" in later versions, but this will quote the whole line)
  • Added "-c" (--no-escape) switch. So that backslash will not be sorrowed.
  • Removed "\" to "/" hack