Saturday, September 22, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20180922)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- Stop using PodZero in several places to initialize values of non-trivial type (847f12e88)
- Initialize some asm.js structures using in-class initializers instead of PodZero (8bac8c27f)
- Call memset on a void*, not a T*, in js_delete_poison to avoid memset-on-nontrivial warnings with gcc that don't matter for an object whose lifetime is about to end (d902382d8)
- Don't memset-zero the BacktrackingAllocator::vregs array of non-trivial VirtualRegister instances (0712ac7f8)
- Stop using the MainThreadTaskQueue from service workers. (ad30b9265)
- Stop using the worker MainThreadTaskQueue from dom/fetch. (b2cbc7b65)
- Send worker-runnables destined for the main thread actually to the main thread. (0384dc34b)
- Merge pull request #767 from trav90/class-memaccess-errors (08dd8ff76)
- [PALEMOON] Skip notifications for background tabs when restoring a session (465c0a564)
- [BASILISK] Skip notifications for background tabs when restoring a session (c5ea5076e)
- Merge pull request #770 from JustOff/PR_bgtab_notify (d118d486a)
- New cycle version bump. (5bcd1cc22)
- Use SessionStore.promiseInitialized() to avoid race condition in "about:home" (#774) (ab47a3a9a)
- Rewrite the Code of Conduct document. (89f2f7627)
- Merge branch 'worker-fix' (abb2a2a1d)
- Add a null check in nsHttpTransaction::Close. (4b9081197)
- Fix timer overflow on converting from sec to msec in idleService (7214d60a1)
- Merge pull request #778 from MihailZenkov/master (4f89ce5af)
- Give uint8_clamped a defaulted (and also trivial) default constructor, copy constructor, and copy-assignment operator. (33cd07bce)
- Don't use PodCopy/PodMove to implement typed-array element-to-element copying (a0737572d)
- Rename TypeSet::clone to TypeSet::cloneIntoUninitialized to indicate that it freshly initializes the TemporaryTypeSet* provided to it. (3b362e9de)
- [PALEMOON] Restore strings mistakenly removed by [8be0c16be614d54183ee3d4877e2243cb9e468c8] (922c13081)
- Merge pull request #781 from JustOff/PR_fileExecutableSecurityWarning (07a50b5c5)
- Merge pull request #782 from trav90/class-memaccess-errors (3c04affe2)


  1. Dear Author
    thank for this great Program.
    but I found a small proleme with palemoon 2018 build.
    I visite this site
    part of this wed page cannot be displayed.
    But with version 2017-12-23,it displayed correct.
    I spend a lot of time to debug without success.
    Please help..and Excuse my bad English!