Saturday, September 15, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20180915)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- Make nsScannerIterator a trivial type in order to use memset (d79c47502)
- Convert the trailing array of BindingNames at the end of the various kinds of scope data into raw unsigned chars into which those BindingNames are placement-new'd, rather than memcpy-ing non-trivial classes around and failing to comply with the C++ object model (b4aed63f5)
- Call the relevant scope-data constructor when allocating it, and poison/mark as undefined the memory for the trailing array of BindingNames, ratther than impermissibly PodZero-ing non-trivial classes. (36cb80d1c)
- Fix build bustage (47c5bba17)
- backport mozbug 1350090: Turn off the spammy warning that goes off every time we create an about:blank content viewer; r=mystor (22bb99a32)
- RTCCertificate.cpp: output truncated before the last format character (cb7141536)
- Merge pull request #757 from trav90/buildsystem-work (347e6ac31)
- Merge pull request #755 from g4jc/debugspam (a90b6fe53)
- Silence the -Wuninitialized warning in mozjemalloc (41b674505)
- Merge pull request #758 from trav90/buildsystem-work (eb2016063)
- Revert "Add tabbrowser findbar styling for Linux and OSX" (9900def52)
- Revert "Add tabbrowser findbar styling" (d9f762df8)
- Revert "[PALEMOON] Findbar - added the listener also to tabbrowser.xml, remove "_fastFind", a   better focus() for the method "updateCurrentBrowser"" (95835c0ac)
- Revert "[PALEMOON] Findbar - remove unnecessary code (Findbar is no longer in the gBrowser)" (b1a98da75)
- Revert "Transfer findbar data to torn-off tabs." (aa9cd0d77)
- Revert "Minimal easy fix -- move findbar getters to tabbrowser." (1c455d9cb)
- Ensure the findbar target content browser follows the active tab. (a744d7665)
- Add findbar.termPerTab (7c9b62ee0)
- fix mozilla regression in search service (saving user-defined search engines) (2e9c525a9)
- Bug 1470260 - Part 1: Ensure that 'this' stays alive for the duration of the TickRefreshDriver call. (4c1f33b16)
- Bug 1470260 - Part 2: Make RefreshDriverTimer ref-counted and hold a strong ref on it on the stack when nsRefreshDriver::Tick can be reached. (69b88dfcc)
- Merge pull request #754 from trav90/class-memaccess-errors (7bf3d2440)
- Merge branch 'master' into ported-upstream (756551355)
- Cherry-pick libvpx upstream 52add5896661d186dec284ed646a4b33b607d2c7. (ca36e991e)
- Bug 1473113 - Defer initializing the MAR index until it's needed. (ea8680907)
- Replace the custom logic in ObserverList with an nsTObserverArray which has all the necessary logic for stable iteration over a potentially changing list of items. (e05705fe5)
- Remove some unnecessary dependencies from HAL. (1bf4a513c)
- Bug 1478575 - Unify CamerasChild shutdown paths. (1de1ce577)
- Bug 1467363 - Protect access to mTransparentSurface with a lock. (6ded94d38)
- Move surface data checking to a separate function to make it less "totally nuts" (cbfef7fcd)
- Release mapped surface memory on size check failure to plug a leak. (09319b435)
- Fix build bustage in cbfef7fcdb853916ff04015f6ee2d4b86f424a08 (6195a2f1e)
- Bug 1469309 - Remove an unused sensor type. (a95078a6c)
- Bug 1472925 - Keep a strong reference to MediaStreamGraph from GraphDriver. (9830cd079)
- Bug 1466991 - Part 1: Factor out ShouldUseXBLScope. (a6d4e65db)
- Bug 1466991 - Part 2: Reparent nodes when they start being in the XBL scope. (d086e918b)
- Merge branch 'ported-upstream' (2713347f0)
- Merge branch 'fbgw' (b07b08f9d)
- Update HSTS preload list (2f64d5eee)
- Flush some more buildlog output to screen when prudent. (9f091cf11)
- Fix clang build bustage. (2bbbcfc49)
- Merge branch 'master' of (2fce053e9)
- Fix wrong SVG sizes with non-integer values for viewBox width/height. (351ffa462)

New build of Firfox 45ESR SSE:

test binary:


Changes since my last build:
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #516: make timeouts less aggressive (4c83f3281) (M1352874 is already ported in rev 59c46aa86)
 - #512: M1469348 M1478575 M1461706 (c27f5bf59)
 - #512: update certs and pins (9b1dfff49) (36bc50793)
- update NSS to rev 8f6014565b91 with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (3c2526292)
- bump revision to 45.9.11 (f1d0cbb7c)
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #399: implement Event.srcElement as alias (2c14dc434)
 - closes #519: Element.toggleAttribute() + backbugs M1258205 M1276938 (e5c93de89)
 - closes #520: Document.elementsFromPoint() M1164427 (7e7cdb504) (ca29a3ea9)

Known issue: sites providing TLS 1.3-draft18 may not work properly. To workaround this, change security.tls.version.max to 3 in about:config.

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