Monday, March 13, 2023

GreenPad for NT 3.x (version 1.08.3)

 Last 2 releases can be labeled as 1.08.1 and 1.08.2.

and now this is 1.08.3 release.

Changes since last released build:

- [GreenPad] don't ever try create status bar if it is disabled (886f6d8)
- [GreenPad] overhual windows version getters. (07ba2f5)
- [GreenPad] setting window class hbrBackground correctly, fix transparent background in ROS (6d231ab)
- [GreenPad] use classic style common file dialog on win95 (build 116, but it doesn't return build number from GVEx) as template is not working on explorer style dialogs there (277d5da)
- [GreenPad] FileDlg: reorder error checking codes, really re-try with error handling, not just call API again. (99f4391)
- [GreenPad] squashed commit for overhauling classic style common file dialog template, also hides line ending label and dropdown list in open dialog template (0f764ca)
- [GreenPad] main-window: use COLOR_BTNFACE as background brush to match status bar color (2aae953)
- [GreenPad] don't use ASM Thunk on win32s builds (db30ba7)
- [GreenPad] try to find out of Common File Dialog is ever opened, should be able to fix old style Common File Dialog opening after user canceled explorer style Common File Dialog in NT 3.51 New Shell. (b312f2f)
- [GreenPad] refine User Cancel condition from Common File Dialogs, and returning TRUE in ofnHook WM_INITDIALOG (c445c8f)
- [GreenPad] partly revert rev c445c8f3 and put `pThis->dlgEverOpened_ = true` into WM_PAINT, fix crash in NT 3.51. (7e4fe8e)
- [GreenPad] we may not need to use CS_OWNDC in edit view control (ef4b0c3)
- [GreenPad] refine GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName error handling (again) (03a0821)
- [GreenPad] add LOGGERV(var) to print TCHAR* variable to debug log (3f6f993)
- [GreenPad] follow-up rev ef4b0c32 and port "Get rid of CS_OWNDC" (4772e91)
- [GreenPad] reland "turn MySetScrollInfo and MyGetScrollInfo into function pointers to avoid running condition checking everytime" (8b457e3)
- [GreenPad] port "Add simple WC2MB and MB2WC for Old Win32s/chicago" (c27c57b)
- [GreenPad] port "Use ReadFile for Win32s beta" (518a130)
- [GreenPad] revert rev 2fab9ff1 and 2a0570fd since we have MB2WC and WC2MB wrappers now (f856ad7)
- [GreenPad] Common File Dialog may set LastError to ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE when user cancels. (41d783e)
- [GreenPad] prevent negative positions when centering window (87ca17f)
- [GreenPad] always append log to prevent log being flushed when multi-opening (bbaa4cd)
- squashed merge of with custom add/removes, WIP. (9ec13f3)
- [GreenPad] remove OLE DnD handling inside main edit control (as I don't need this for now) (17fd3bd)
- [GreenPad] multiple changes: (0a10ce6)
- [GreenPad] free COM object itself properly when reference count turns to zero (b1d34b8)
- [GreenPad] partly sync with and properly fill remaining bytes with zero. (6006a7c)
- [GreenPad] remove WM_RBUTTONDOWN handling in editwing, since I don't use OLE Drag here (375816e)
- [GreenPad] more preporcessor guards and sync with RamonUnch/GreenPad#71 (38d6ad8)
- [GreenPad] call `CoLockObjectExternal` in OleDnDTarget for win32s (5b4ba2b)
- [GreenPad] follow-up rev 9f006c63 (8e31f12)
- [GreenPad] fix non-OLE file drop (9eb80f8)
- [GreenPad] bring myself to foreground if same file is dropped to window (for OLE DnD enabled builds only) (0ad8510)
- [GreenPad] update VC71 project files (5a883ed)
- [GreenPad] OleDnDTarget: delete itself when refcnt goes to zero, add more loggings (888e5a1)
- [GreenPad] OleDnDTarget: fix logic in constructor, add more loggings (796fe39)
- [GreenPad] import "IDropTarget minor adjustmants" (a3a0b5a)
- [GreenPad] OLE drop target: add CF_HDROP to WM_DROPFILES redirection code (4e3878e)
- [GreenPad] OLE drop target: guard CF_HDROP handling with win32s detection as non-win32s windows converts OLE CF_HDROP to WM_DROPFILES for us. (d62706e)
- [GreenPad] vc71 project: update win32s OLE object and map paths (25b31ec)
- [GreenPad] add extra fields for identify myself after file list of DROPFILES, and revert changes in rev cbfc779bb and part of rev 312e238b (6a8420b)
- [GreenPad] don't need hwnd from view control, use hwnd from itself instead. (cb0e5fc)
- [GreenPad] log: win32s doesn't supprot FILE_APPEND_DATA, go back to use GENERIC_WRITE instead. (bf16f57)
- [GreenPad] change return type of DlgImpl::MainProc() to fix win64 build (2addd0e)
- [GreenPad] fix type when passing to on_drop() (3a296e4)
- [GreenPad] import "Make thunk read+exe only for security" (ee95477)
- [GreenPad] add casts to fix warnings (4d6c8aa)
- [GreenPad] follow-up rev 2addd0e3 (0a25c9f)
- [GreenPad] change cast type to match SetWindowPos() defination (1df6b23)
- [GreenPad] follow-up rev 1df6b239: more parentheses works (5c5d8d9)
- [GreenPad] wcc: supply ActiveIME IIDs by ourselves (dd3a059)
- [GreenPad] wcc: move around includes for manifest (79e6351)
- [GreenPad] add wcc makefile (use WCC's nmake or wmake) (587b804)
- [GreenPad] rename `kilib\string.h` to `kilib\kstring.h` to avoid conflicting with system's <string.h> (69ae77c)
- [GreenPad] wcc: put PCH into object directory, and add kilib directory to include paths (8cf8b81)
- [GreenPad] wcc: build with bilingual resources. requires wrc running in Japanese locale. (887ae3e)
- [GreenPad] guard IDC_STATIC defination in FILEOPEN.DLG (156476b)
- [GreenPad] memory: prevent off-by-one out-of-bound access when deallocating (2cc367d)
- [GreenPad] add About dialog (9e81da1)
- [GreenPad] refine about dialog, and add running windows version to top textbox. (8549bce)
- [GreenPad] import "SPI_GETKEYBOARDDELAY does not gives miliseconds" (2131a2c)
- [GreenPad] OLE drop target: add win32s guard in CF_HDROP DragEnter() as well (069142b)
- [GreenPad] show-up main window early, and add "Loading file" string resource (a647ea8)
- [GreenPad] kilib/string: shave buffer to 12 bytes since `int` is 32bit even in win64. (e3063bb)
- [GreenPad] ConfigManager: handle multiline buffer (7100356)
- [GreenPad] kilib/textfile: read file in a whole, not line by line (036e657)
- [GreenPad] kilib/textfile: rename `ReadLine` to `ReadBuf` to reflect implementation changes (e756f43)
- [GreenPad] update projects (d577a72)
- [GreenPad] Reduce keyRepTime (df77a8c)

and libchardet.
Changes since last released build:

- [libchardet] Add VC6 project file and SUPERTINY flag (#2) (64e9a93)
- [libchardet] import from uchardet:  Bug 101032 - assignments to nsSMState in nsCodingStateMachine result in unspecified behavior. (53f7ad0e) (e1712aa)
- [libchardet] update UTF8_cls[] to fix GreenPad crashes when opening PRCST16.FNT (bbe5dd9)
- [libchardet] update project files (6d4b16c)
- [libchardet] trying to fix OS/2 READMEJ misdetected as UTF-8. also imported from uchardet: (c83f96d)
- [libchardet] revert rev bbe5dd96 and treat 0x00 as invalid UTF-8 (d5057b4)
- [libchardet] prevent out of bound access (71d2a9e)
- [libchardet] Ensure malloc is fred with free (PR_Malloc/PR_Free) (#3) (d8d7abf)


GreenPad for XP and newer version of windows (AMD64/x64 Version).
GreenPad for NT 3.51 and newer version of windows.
GreenPad for NT 3.5 and newer version of windows. You may need a dummy IMM32.DLL when running in NT 3.5.
GreenPad for NT 3.1.
GreenPad for Win32s [ANSI version] (startable in 1.00.61, in limited working state with 1.10.88 and later), this build also works in Windows Chicago Beta Build 58s and later.
GreenPad for Win32s [ANSI version] with OLE2 functions compiled, requires Win32s 1.25 OLE or later.
GreenPad for NT 3.51 and newer version of windows [ANSI version].
GreenPad for NT 3.5 and newer version of windows [ANSI version]. You may need a dummy IMM32.DLL when running in NT 3.5.
GreenPad for NT 3.1 [ANSI version].
GreenPad for NT 3.1 MIPS Edition, tested on NT4 MIPS version, not tested on older versions of NT MIPS.

libchardet libraries:

libchardet for i386 32bit windows and win32s (compiled with VC1).
libchardet for x86-64 64bit windows (compiled with VC2005 SP1).
libchardet for MIPS windows (compiled with VC4 MIPS RISC Edition).


Download (includes libchardet): GreenPad-

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