Saturday, April 11, 2020

Weekly browser binaries (20200411)

New build of Serpent/UXP for XP!

Test binary:

source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here:

IA32 Win32

source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here:

NM28XP build:

Official UXP changes since my last build:
- Issue #1507 - Remove nsRefreshDriver's use of high res system timers. (7630b1c56)
- Issue #1508 - Redirect moz://a to (a333257d7)
- Issue #1497 - Re-implement an un-preprocessed file check (fd5e25ff4)
- Issue #1505 - Rebuild application version string (d0cf67573)
- Issue #1505 - Part 2: Store application build ID in nsHttpHandler (eadff6165)
- Issue #1505 - Part 3: Make native mode actually native again. (d9f17c9f8)
- [Docshell] Ensure nsDocShell::mContentViewer is released properly. (33b22f615)
- Alter config.guess to properly detect host and target bitness on SunOS (2383a02b5)
- Align mar generation on Windows with other platforms (d0eee8f01)
- Follow up to d0eee8f01 - Run precomplete cmd during package staging (c51c10bf0)
- Take files out of preprocessing that no longer require it (eb28b1f32)
- Silence removing dist/bin (50f198669)
- Move aom source to a sub-directory under media/libaom (5545a8983)
- [js] Handle functions with rest parameters in isObservableArgumentSlot. (85a97e9a3)
- Issue #1511 - Bail on orphan situation. (56103d675)
- [layout] Always move descendants of layout frames if moved. (552470fb6)

No official Basilisk changes since my last build.

Official Pale-Moon changes since my last build:
- Cleanup OS X default theme (9ccee6cb9)
- Merge pull request #1759 from Lootyhoof/osx-theme-cleanup (30a13ca32)
- Add HiDPI toolbar icons to the library on Windows (b16d582fb)
- Make sure we index libraryToolbar.svg (f3f0d002d)
- Merge pull request #1762 from Lootyhoof/windows-hidpi (b39b36475)
- Replace -moz prefixed logical properties in themes (efbbc81e1)
- Update platform branch pointer (unstable 2020-04-05) (e1e9caa2d)
- Add UA override (Angular) (b5a1fb02b)
- Merge pull request #1763 from Lootyhoof/inline-properties (910986e8e)
- Update platform branch pointer (9d0cead1a)
- Merge branch 'master' of (148f4337b)
- Issue #1751 - Make the Mac bottom tab bar blend better (21806294c)
- Merge pull request #1767 from Lootyhoof/osx-tabbar (91d56fef9)
- Issue #1766 - Add pref to allow copying unescaped URL from the URL bar (9689c4c34)
- Issue #1769 - Improve fullscreen mode on Windows (88fbb8805)
- Merge pull request #1770 from Lootyhoof/windows-fullscreen (b4de87d53)
- Merge pull request #1768 from JustOff/PR_decodeURLsOnCopy (9d42e31a9)


  1. Two problems with Serpent/UXP.
    1) Can't open about:preferences#advanced after 20200404.
    2) Can't open about:plugins, about:serviceworkers when e10s is enabled.
    Is it possible to fix these problems?

    1. 1st is fixed in next build.
      2nd is untested since e10s is not recommended, bugs by enabling e10s may not able to be fixed.