Saturday, December 7, 2019

Weekly browser binaries (20191207)

New build of Serpent/UXP for XP!

Test binary:

source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here:

IA32 Win32

source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here:

NM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- Remove unnecessary calls to ReparentFloatsForInlineChild in nsInlineFrame. (6ea8e51aa)
- Issue #1302 followup - Add spec-compliance checks/errors (d88f471cb)
- No issue - Clean up libxul mozbuild a little (a2a84fcb2)
- Issue #1307 - Part 1: Remove MALLOC_VALIDATE (a7878bacf)
- Issue #1307 - Part 2: Remove disabled code blocks (388073a03)
- Issue #1306 - Move bundled fonts to toolkit (5102aa579)
- Issue #1307 - Part 3: Assume MOZ_MEMORY is always enabled. (a954e19ea)
- Issue #1307 - Part 4: Stop using variable-length arrays. (b4b589a11)
- Issue #1307 - Part 5: Remove allocation tracing. (90508a464)
- Issue #1307 - Part 6: Remove dead code behind PTHREAD_MMAP_UNALIGNED_TSD (3b361d830)
- Issue #1307 - Part 7: Add missing MALLOC_STATS (75c7e4749)
- No Issue - Don't use a hard coded path for win_srcdir in comm-style configurations (f6fb48d08)
- Issue #1308 - Create nsDisplayTableBackgroundColor to avoid display list collisions when processing the background color of a table. (0f001155a)
- Issue #1309 - Fix handling of display rows where the elements are not forming a monotonically increasing sequence (e.g. with position:sticky) (cb65f6d10)
- Merge branch 'master' of (2554b96d6)
- No Issue - Add checking in platform/ for because it can only know hardcoded values in comm-style configurations (c8d03b9fe)
- Issue #1307 - Part 8: Remove deprecated sysctl.h inclusion. (fcc84d7b9)
- Merge pull request #1310 from MoonchildProductions/jemalloc_cleanup (b8a16acae)
- Issue #1313 - Bump Firefox compatMode version to 68.9 (246bf49b0)
- Properly detect failure in receiving plugin NPObjects. (74f15fb2d)
- Use mutex in PACResolver when accessing mRequest from multiple threads. (d8282a0da)
- Check if we're already at the end of the frame's content. (44967b330)
- Update identifier map entries and notify if they get removed. (5d4c82e09)
- Fix incorrect values for saving ordered lists as text. (e287979b3)
- Initialize all fields of GdkEvents in nsClipboard.cpp (d558cf664)
- [NSS] Bug 1508776 - Remove unneeded refcounting from SFTKSession (836e72e96)
- Check return value of PeerConnectionImpl::GetFingerprint. (9811aa2e1)
- [NSS] Bug 1586176 - EncryptUpdate should use maxout not block size. (d927df43e)
- Add missing call to WaitForIsDebuggerRegistered (c0ab25726)
- Update NSS version. (2529b2ede)

My changes since my last build:
-  keep using upstream NSS-3.44.3, with NSS Bug 1508776 applied.

New build of BOC/UXP for XP!

Test binary:
MailNews Win32
Browser-only Suite Win32

source patch (excluding UXP):

Official repo changes since my last build:
- [UXP] Update branch commit pointer (09652b30)
- Stop leeching off Pale Moon for emoji font as it is now in toolkit (097c59d1)
- Remove extraneous subst (a4f7be09)
- Stop leeching off Pale Moon's searchplugins (1f572f64)
- [Navigator] Remove local search engines (c69988a8)
- Remove Submodule (428b986a)
- Change the MOZILLA_DIR path (726bbcba)
- Add submodule (81f26254)
- [Mail] Update wordmark (3b02cc2b)
- Update version2k to work with any version length and use an a1 suffix on generated msbuild stamps (2f39aed7)
- Use version2k for navigator (376ed48c)
- Add command to version2k to JUST get YYYYMMDD (ca746757)
- Access version2k from fake mach (344876fb)
- Use MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL to append MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT to the end of the package name (e11b29ea)
- Update platform commit pointer (f1a2c83a)
- Update fake-mach to properly init the submodule (c2045698)
- Revert "Use MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL to append MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT to the end of the package name" (11c60055)
- [Navigator] Remove about:rights (53e06224)
- Part 2 (c911ab2c)
- [Navigator] Conform official branding to unofficial (8cbab84e)
- [Navigator] Remove unused files from official branding (5fbedf22)
- [Navigator] Add real official branding (1e9340e5)
- [Navigator] Add mac icons (a009838b)
- [Navigator] Make the throbber dependant on application branding (f7f5004c)
- [Navigator] Put the throbber back on the toolbar by default (6f1f3e1e)
- [Navigator] Allow the print toolbar button (796df9df)
- [Navigator] Use brandFullName for main window title (23750538)
- [Navigator] Fix official throbbers using forbidden Moonchild powers (dcb628c2)

For UXP changes please see above.

New build of Firefox 45ESR:

Test binary:


Changes since my last build:
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #578: M1322864 M1585106 M1597043 (7758ebb12)
 - #578: M1579060 M1586176 (f3f295615) (5a4e033f1)
- import UXP change:
 - [NSS] Bug 1508776 - Remove unneeded refcounting from SFTKSession (836e72e96) (082eb5b14)


  1. There is no k-meleon update. why is that?

    1. because there was no changes in both kmeleon and goanna3.

  2. Is there a 64-bit version of firefox 45.9.18?

    1. I suggest using UXP-based browsers for 64bit instead. Is there any reason for using 64bit 45esr build?

  3. I was surprised at the compatibility with firefox using basilisk!
    Thank you very much!