Saturday, July 21, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20180721)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP pre-release build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- DOM - Element - add support for Element.toggleAttribute() (d4c0def3b)
- Switch to Lanczos scaling from Hamming to get acceptable fast downscaling. (6bb3a908d)
- Add pref to control CanOptimizeToImageLayer for large downscale factors. (dc9d933d8)
- Update redundant comment (cac6931d8)
- Don't try to fetch FxA migration sentinel from non-supporting server. (422a3cda0)
- Use expected dialog button ordering in Launch Application dialog. (57e08f8dd)
- Don't disable lightweight themes in PB mode. (0cb3a0ccf)
- [PALEMOON] Fix Page Info - permissions (plugins.click_to_play / vulnerable plugins) (f3dc7095e)
- [PALEMOON] Fix Permissions Manager (plugins.click_to_play / vulnerable plugins) (70f5da857)
- Merge pull request #642 from janekptacijarabaci/dom_element_toggleAttribute_1 (8eb01c2ce)
- Merge pull request #643 from janekptacijarabaci/pm_permissions_plugins_clickToPlay_vulnerable_1 (cdb690f0a)
- Update HSTS preload list (4d358ef73)
- Merge pull request #644 from trav90/HSTS-preload-list (50d3e596b)
- Clean up app strings and legacy download manager after e92808f0ebbeab3ffb79a0b1a4d190f61fb8b43a (8be0c16be)
- Ignore user data track (cdd42cc33)
- Merge pull request #645 from trav90/media-work (1ef8b01c5)
- Remove unused strings left from the migrator (9430dc4a7)
- Fix a typo in aboutRights.dtd (ebe0f277d)
- Merge pull request #646 from JustOff/PR_locale_updates3 (1475cd931)
- Bug 819475 - Make document.domain non-nullable (324cab511)
- Bug 1351193 - Added new DataTransfer constructor (9454cd414)
- Bug 1351193 - Update tests (568e27db3)
- Bug 1434380: Rewrite parts of reftest reference case grid-auto-min-sizing-definite-001-ref.html to be easier to understand & adjust (24b11942e)
- Bug 958714 Remove special case for flex & grid items' percent block-axis margin/padding resolution, to align with other browsers (b12973bc9)
- Bug 958714 Simplify percent-margin/padding resolution code to pass around a single length as the percent basis (83459c927)
- Bug 958714 Remove obsolete assertion & comment (1b153b3f2)
- Merge pull request #650 from janekptacijarabaci/css_layout_flex-grid_1 (edc1da82d)
- Merge pull request #651 from janekptacijarabaci/dom_DataTransfer_constructor_1 (cba8e7b14)
- Merge pull request #652 from janekptacijarabaci/dom_document_domain_null_1 (7fce9b4a0)
- Version bump (f9265e956)
- [PALEMOON] Remove misc leftovers of Google Safebrowsing (e25caee02)
- [PALEMOON] Enable update prefs in Official branding for Linux (3ac6438dd)
- Merge pull request #655 from trav90/updater-enable (edc21c972)
- Merge pull request #653 from JustOff/PR_safebrowsing_leftovers (b4f748a7c)

New build of Firfox 45ESR SSE:

test binary:


Changes since my last build:
- import changes from tenfourfox: - M1256520 + M1248314 (027a6309b) (d40656c0f)
- NSS: applied Bug 1474875, Typo in policy handling for DTLS-VERSION-MAX, r=ueno (99462bf91)
- import changes from tenfourfox: - #512: modified M1222924 (c59480e6b) (68313f3d2)
- import changes from tenfourfox: - #512: update EV roots (b6afdab5d) (only EV part is merged here) - remove annoying warnings from IOService, since we support old extensions (2f6fe15d3) - Fix regression from #511 (#515) (1ec366235) - #334: remove tele from security/manager/ssl (5cf00f4a2) (28c3c4354)
- import changes from tenfourfox: - #512: M1472018 M1469309 M1472925 M1470260 (part 1) (f9fe116fa) - #463: fix name of pref II (05241abca) (11012c83f)

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  1. This is quite the project. I'm impressed!

    Have you considered doing these OS-backports for SeaMonkey? (pretty please? :)