Thursday, February 13, 2014

WinTTX 2.4 (behdad forked)

Getting TTX 2.4 behdad-forked git rev snapshot compiled with Python 2.7.3(MinGW build) py2exe 0.6.9.
modified included.

[20140317]: update snapshot to git rev 11580c55bb - Add isUnicode() and isSymbol() to cmap subtables
- update snapshot to git rev 319643ade2 - Fix up regression in promoting lookups to extensions
- uncompressed pyd DLLs since they can't be loaded correctly when compressed, may just throws "Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread" or simply cannot import modules
- update snapshot to git rev 5080331251
- UPX compressed libpython2.7.dll and all pyd DLLs except zlib.pyd (py2exe run.exe loader wants zlib.pyd in uncompressed form)
- added ttx.html converted from share/man/man1/ttx.1 with groff -mandoc -Thtml < ttx.1 > ttx.html

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