Saturday, October 27, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20181027)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- remove named function syntax in addonManager.js (0d97c6ada)
- remove named function syntax in AddonManager.jsm (06086f82f)
- remove named function syntax in amWebInstallListener.js (d218160bf)
- remove named function syntax in LightweightThemeManager.jsm (dd574ec7b)
- make style of amInstallTrigger.js more consistent (6667a10d3)
- Issue #795 - Make nsIUserInfo component optional (19b6f2d9b)
- Port the libvpx mozbuild generator to aom (07c17b6b9)
- Import aom library (68569dee1)
- Generate build description for libaom (a66e91651)
- Add --enable-av1 configure switch (99ed16064)
- Add AOMDecoder (9aea199da)
- Add AOMDecoder to AgnosticDecoderModule (3e0443e4c)
- Recognize AV1 in WebMDemuxer (ee2cb65e2)
- Add missing includes to WebMDemuxer (e5545e10a)
- Add aom to the list of thirdparty code (e8480f8a7)
- [aom] Remove 32-bit Mac OS build config (08619db14)
- [aom] Enable YASM (f45278950)
- Make AOMDecoder actually build (26dc168e3)
- Remove aom_codec_stream_info_t sz field references (1036d1fa0)
- Add av1 to MediaSource.isTypeSupported (0cc51bc10)
- Update aom to slightly newer commit ID (df9477dfa)
- Fix typo (build bustage) (4b5e22956)
- Add missing includes to FFmpegLibWrapper (dddc2aa9e)
- [av1] Clean up duplicate filenames check (afda5e384)
- [aom] Add x86-win32-gcc config (857b86f25)
- Make aom_config.asm match upstream (ecdaf7930)
- [aom] Filter out CONFIG_EXT_PARTITION_TYPES (4121d7571)
- [aom] Remove unused option (77887af9c)
- Update aom to commit id f5bdeac22930ff4c6b219be49c843db35970b918 (7369c7d7a)
- Export aom_config.h (21598d1bd)
- [aom] Fix stream info peeking (e394e2049)
- [aom] Resample high bit depth frames (4653be960)
- [aom] Don't resample 8-bit images (0c98b7165)
- [aom] Fix win32 debug build (01eb57073)
- Update aom to commit id e87fb2378f01103d5d6e477a4ef6892dc714e614 (ec910d814)
- [av1] Fix build issues (464c3130f)
- Fix aom compile errors with VS2015 (125aff11b)
- Add Python cmake parser (39e842a83)
- Add (5c0c6c73a)
- Update (b425400e9)
- Add aom_version.h (c410f04e8)
- Add support for SSE 4.2 to libaom (14805f6dd)
- Update aom to v1.0.0 (bbcc64772)
- Do not build aomstats unless examples are enabled (ab5b4462a)
- [aom] Fixup (4f63fc3bd)
- Updates to AOMDecoder for aom v1.0.0 (ee1300453)
- Add missing : to libaom (9469bc196)
- [aom] No longer necessary to run anymore (a4d3c59dc)
- Update libaom to rev b25610052a1398032320008d69b51d2da94f5928 (b8df135c9)
- [aom] Only build stats code if examples are enabled (ba5a1ea60)
- Update libaom vendor scripts to account for upstream changes (41fbdea45)
- Update libaom to commit ID 1e227d41f0616de9548a673a83a21ef990b62591 (d2499ead9)
- Remove superfluous message manager property (f91ab88b9)
- Merge pull request #838 from FranklinDM/notification-work (714ccb6f8)
- Put AV1 codec behind a pref (6ddf66542)
- [css-grid] Don't shrink-wrap the inline size when we have an available size when measuring block size (88671bcc3)
- [css-grid] Reftests for 88671bcc3633af5a5e34715518e0804ca892fac7 (7110f93fb)
- Merge pull request #841 from JustOff/PR_css_grid_shrink_wrap (54deaf443)
- Merge pull request #839 from kn-yami/issue516 (38173d9e4)
- fix naming of getStartupChanges function (ca4b2c502)
- Merge pull request #843 from kn-yami/issue516 (a9fbfba2a)
- align Basilisk sidebar context menu behaviour with Pale Moon (50050aac0)
- [PALEMOON] Add filter query to about:permissions (0d7afa78f)
- [PALEMOON] Open about:permissions when notification settings are requested (4c488cb7f)
- Fix canPlayType/isTypeSupported for AV1 content (e5b30fc95)
- Downsample av1 images unconditionally (070c2cb24)
- Use larger stack for media decoder threads (47a01617e)
- Fix reference to undefined property warnings in toolkit's browser.xml. (61a05da01)
- Add support for AV1 in MP4 (29f718ef7)
- Ensure we correctly parse the finalized codec string for av1 (23013dda6)
- backport m-c bug 1333174 - Don't use NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS at nsIOService:793 (dbac7d691)
- Merge pull request #844 from kn-yami/issue768 (1d3233c49)
- Improve graph edge resolution code. (980b7e4da)
- Code style improvements (no bug). (b4e78255c)
- Revert "Add support for AV1 in MP4" (192199b03)
- Show hidden left border of search button on about:newtab page (1b5066040)
- Basilisk: Trivial fixes for Mac build (d9c5e2b80)
- Merge pull request #849 from adeshkp/basilisk-mac-build (70c214344)
- Merge pull request #848 from adeshkp/search-btn-border (e4836ec73)
- backport m-c bug 1333172 - Avoid 1100 warnings by replacing NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS in nsNetUtilInlines.h:180 (e4cc27a0e)
- Merge pull request #847 from g4jc/debugspam (81acc4099)
- Merge pull request #850 from trav90/add-av1-support (d1a35c3fa)
- Merge pull request #796 from g4jc/nsuserinfo (f85840a05)
- Merge pull request #845 from JustOff/PR_notifications_open_settings (d07a4f2ba)
- Revert "Make nsIUserInfo component optional with --disable-userinfo at build time" (afe69140a)
- Merge pull request #851 from MoonchildProductions/revert-796-nsuserinfo (f71c04d81)
- Bug 1489785: Remove a workaround for gcc (6db23ae65)
- Bug 1489785: Remove a workaround for gcc (065f6f9e5)
- Merge pull request #852 from wicknix/master (f5b13e91d)
- Issue #795 - Make nsIUserInfo component optional (6a2ff38f0)
- Merge pull request #854 from g4jc/nsuserinfo (4f59678ac)

From now --enable-av1 option is compiled in. you can enable AV1 decoding by toggling "media.av1.enabled" in about:config.
Test passed from site but still not recognized by YouTube.
Testing in my main machine (i5-3450), 720p 500kbps AV1 will cause laggy playback in test site above.

New build of Firfox 45ESR SSE:

test binary:


Changes since my last build:
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #525: pref off for FPR10 (6912ea34a)
 - #526: update certs and pins (8a7210bac)
 - #526: M1492823 M1483699 M1496340 M1492524 (f818695f0) (0f0a4f2f2)
- bump revision to 45.9.12 (3d4f729ec)
- update NSS to rev 9dd8d5e2156e with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (c00989e51)
- backout #error from M1499198 to fix build (b317f782f)

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