Monday, September 7, 2015

Custom Windows XP Patches

Reprinted from internet.

AES cipher for IE:!qIMhwQZL!kXXrGnZzzFKZzTRPIjgW_nctmeJWe120klPnWz96U8w

sharing connection limitation breaker:!SQNyCCBK!q1w5LdCPKhcmdadFK1sqAej68u3rHH3qDjo0l2WUPW0 (8th Sep. 2015 Updated)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MiniRunAs (forked)

Christian d'Heureuse's MiniRunAs is good, but it doesn't handle domain logins.
I forked for this and added "." or "?" as domain for local account. (MSDN states using "." or NULL domain for local accounts but from my testing it doesn't work when logged in as domain user and using MiniRunAs to run as local account.)
Download: (Compiled with TinyCC)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DeTAR for DOS Micro-C edition

I fixed and minified its size by using Micro-C compiler and removed listing function.
So it is now a little bit smaller than but supporting sub-directories. With TUNZ and DeTAR I can pack MHDD solidified with 5120-byte unpacker.

EDIT: I also made a version deal with store-only ZIP files (EXSTRZIP). And it is even smaller than DeTAR!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

otf2bdf (self forked)

I forked otf2bdf for meeting my own needs as well. Changes:
* add `-A' switch for no-autohint
* add `-a' switch for force autohint
* add `-B' switch for no embedded bitmap
* add `-g x' switch for selecting hinting algorithm (x=0-4)
* Commented out Determine the actual bounding box of the glyph bitmap part, instead, use FT_Glyph_Get_CBox()
* Extends dump area to whole valid Unicode codepoints (U+10FFFF)

Download: (Win32 binary+source)

bdf2ttf (self forked)

Since MURAOKA Taro (KoRoN) has changed his website and no longer having a valid link to his bdf2ttf, I forked and enhanced bdf2ttf for meeting my own needs:
- added `-g' switch for multi-width (proportional) fonts
- added `-f' switch for generating TTF which has Unicode code points larger than U+FFFF

Download: (win32 binary+source)

Friday, September 26, 2014

bash with ShellShock (and variants) fix for MSYS and Cygwin-1.5

bash-3.1 with patch for CVE-2014-7169. Patch comes from + self-porting

for MSYS:
bash-3.1.22-4-msys-1.0.17-src.tar.lzma (Source+Patches)

for Cygwin-1.5:
bash-3.1.22-4-cygwin-1.5.25-bin.tar.lzma (Source is same as bash-3.1.22-4-msys-1.0.17-src.tar.lzma but without applying MSYS patch "01-bash-3.1-msys.patch")

for ClearOS 5 (CentOS 5): (SRPM)

official patched build for Cygwin-1.7 :

Updated 4 Oct 2014: Updated binaries patched for CVE-2014-6277 segfault

Friday, September 12, 2014


I made a little change so bmp2bdf with respect characters' DWIDTH.
and they are now compiled with TinyCC, so they are lots smaller than original one. :)

Download: (binary + source)