Saturday, October 13, 2018

Weekly browser binaries (20181013)

New build of basilisk/UXP for XP!

Test binary:


PM28XP build:

Official repo changes since my last build:
- [BASILISK] Protect against nsIPrincipal.origin throwing for about:blank iframes and custom protocols (0c3479b8b)
- Set the default action to not lock content scrolling when a menu is open. (866ea8dfa)
- Pale Moon Installer: Update Windows ARP URLs. (b3b06d0ff)
- Basilisk Installer: Update Windows ARP URLs. (727ed27f0)
- Merge pull request #813 from JustOff/PR_SessionStorage_principal_origin (323cb98de)
- Pale Moon Installer: Remove unused stub defines and strings. (5e9548371)
- Basilisk Installer: Remove unused stub defines and strings. (312b0e42c)
- Add mozilla::Span (c2fa384d6)
- Fix Span.h constexprs for VS2017 (a08ef7226)
- Make caret width normal/thick behind CJK char configurable. (6e48f5e14)
- Use device pixels instead of CSS pixels for table borders. (26ec82f16)
- [ffvpx] Remove support for 32-bit Mac (2e3eb22a8)
- Merge pull request #822 from trav90/code-cleanup (0357bf9fb)
- Merge pull request #818 from trav90/mfbt-work (7e96154b8)
- Merge pull request #814 from Ascrod/nsis-cleanup (a844a9b08)
- Bump Goanna/platform version for layout changes. (24fb2aaa3)
- Merge branch 'master' of (8a63a2f41)
- Expose (6efff99ed)
- Revert "[ffvpx] Remove support for 32-bit Mac" (9847f1f64)
- Merge pull request #824 from MoonchildProductions/revert-822-code-cleanup (09987b0ba)
- Revert "Fix in-tab close button behavior" (c602588f1)
- Merge pull request #825 from MaxKoll/revert-811-MaxKoll-patch-1 (7ad419ece)
- Fix in-tab close button behavior (94757e275)
- [ffvpx] Remove support for 32-bit Mac (d95f7b60d)
- [webm] Store LastSeenFrame dimensions as an nsIntSize (ae3cdb4be)
- [vpx] Store VPXDecoder codec as an enum (5a83ed9eb)
- Add Span support to MediaRawData (2a00bf126)
- Implement keyframe and framesize VPXDecoder helpers (55c6aa422)
- Call VPXDecoder libvpx wrappers for WebM (3ec54eeac)
- [webm] Treat demuxing errors differently than EOS (632b67483)
- [webm] Don't reject seeks with EOS (81c39ba87)
- Merge pull request #827 from trav90/code-cleanup (e0487e94c)
- Merge pull request #826 from MaxKoll/MaxKoll-patch-1 (bea97848f)
- backport m-c 1435319: CVE-2018-12381 - Dropping an Outlook email message into the browser window will trigger a page navigation when the message's mail columns are incorrectly interpreted as a URL. (791e7540d)
- Merge pull request #828 from g4jc/outlook_cve (237f05bcd)
- Merge pull request #830 from trav90/media-work (ea5b5766a)

New build of Firfox 45ESR SSE:

test binary:


Changes since my last build:
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #521: async/await M1185106 parts 0, 1 (d0348b2d1)
 - #521: async/await M1185106 part 2 (f80a788a3)
 - #521: async/await M1185106 parts 3 and 4 (80646986b)
 - #521: M1226762 (389ff7a57)
 - #518: eat our shorts, githubgist too (3660eb7e2) (bb6587936)
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #522: basic, refactor popup blocker M1267338 M1267339 (46bf256a1)
 - closes #522: rel=noopener M1222516 M1358469 M1419960 (6abcdc2cc)
 - closes #524: enable MSE by default (3c3b61b6f)
 - #399: M1342849 (47b8abd55)
 - more hosts for adblock (8f342c327)
 - #334: remove Telemetry from JS-DOM-XPConnect runtime (b95f6e968)
 - #525: data URL opaque origins M1324406 M1381728 (3920907ee)
 - #392: prerequisite SetCanonicalName M1235656 M1236638 (c1f84d628)
 - #392: Symbol.toStringTag M1114580 (w/o ESClassValue change; w/45ESR boilerplate) (3cf6b4057)
 - #525: fix assertion (until asyncOpen2 is implemented) (d9ffd4d15)
 - another host for adblock (ff9433ee7)
 - #526: M1493347 M1487098 M1423278 (4d34a54ce)
 - #526: update certs and pins (bcc8aabb9) (0b27a0167)
- update NSS to rev 77ae602f995a with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (2a45518e3)


  1. Thank you for all you did and are doing! This last Nightly 45.9.11 Nightly version is somewhat flawed. Keeps not customization and dark background & light text and Make address font bigger ad-dons do not work, thus I had to downgrade to former version. Please, let me know, did you get rid of PM27XP browsers? I guess a new one (when you got the time) would be welcome! Greetings from Argentina.

    1. for 45.9.11 you need to disable "security.data_uri.unique_opaque_origin" in about:config to make old things work again